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Cargo Segregation and Distribution

HomeservicesCargo Segregation and Distribution
HomeservicesCargo Segregation and Distribution

Well Freight - Cargo Segregation and Distribution Services

Segregation and Distribution of Cargo in General or Bonded Warehouse

It is a part of a complete supply chain management process that is commonly used in, but not limited to, the retail distribution of goods. It entails processing small to large quantities of product, often truck or train loads and disassembling them, picking the relevant product for each destination and re-packaging with shipping label affixed and invoice included.


  • Warehouse / CFS layout designing
  • Picking
  • Stuffing, Carting & Sorting
  • Labeling (Designing, Printing & Affixing as per client’s requirements)
  • Palletization
  • Careful packing to protect your goods, we can supply packaging materials with our Materials Sourcing service
  • Dispatched in the method that you choose – via our full range of Distribution services
  • Stock Management & Reporting available as a key part of our Support Service
  • Same Day Pick, Pack & Dispatch


We aim to provide a fulfillment system that maximizes the efficiency of your business and is tailored to suit your needs.


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